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symbol not found in flat namespace '_lzma_stream_encoder_mt'

Other error messages can include:

  • “Unable to extract Arm Embedded Toolchain without XZ utils ( Please install that dependency on your system and reinstall xs-dev before attempting this setup again.”

If you encounter an error message related to lzma or node-lzma, this is likely due to a missing system dependency required to setup the tooling to program nrf52-based devices. This is only required on MacOS and Linux development environments.

To resolve this, install the XZ Utils for your system.

On MacOS, Homebrew can be used:

brew install xz

For Debian-based systems like Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get -y install xz-utils

If using yum:

sudo yum -y install xz

Once this is dependency has been installed, please re-install xs-dev to ensure the CLI is built correctly with the native bindings to xz-utils.