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SDK & Tooling Updates

Stay up to date with the latest tooling from Moddable and supported device targets. As with the setup command, the current dev environment (Mac or Linux) is the default selected target:

xs-dev update

Target Branch

The default behavior of this command for Moddable developer tooling pulls the latest release tooling and source code for the associated tagged branch. This provides a known-working state for the SDK and avoids needing to build the tooling on the local machine.

To override this behavior, use the --target-branch flag to select public; this fetches the latest commit off that main branch and runs the build to generate the associated tools.

xs-dev setup --target-branch public

This will only work for the mac, windows, and linux device options, which are the respective defaults for the operating system on which the command is run.

Device Updates

While the update command provides the latest Moddable SDK for the dev environment, the --device flag selects another platform target SDK to set up. It ensures the Moddable SDK has been installed first.

The --device flag allows for selecting a different target platform:

xs-dev update --device esp32

There may be some platforms that are supported by the setup command but not update yet.