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Build and Run

Running Projects

Within a project directory, the run command will invoke mcconfig to generate the make file based on the manifest.json followed by building and running the project in the current environment simulator:

xs-dev run

When not in the project directory, a path can be passed to run:

xs-dev run path/to/project

Moddable examples

Use the --example flag to run a project included with the Moddable SDK:

xs-dev run --example helloworld

The --list-examples provides a searchable list of available example projects:

xs-dev run --list-examples

Select a device target

The --device flag allows for selecting a supported device or simulator target:

xs-dev run --device esp32

To dynamically select the device, use the --list-devices flag:

xs-dev run --list-devices

This can be used in tandem with the --example or --list-examples flags to run an example project on a connected device:

xs-dev run --list-devices --list-examples

Select a port address

The --port flag accepts a path to port for connected device (defaults to: UPLOAD_PORT environment variable):

xs-dev run --port /dev/cu.usbserial-0001 --device esp8266

This value can be discovered using the scan command.

Display debugger output in the terminal

Use the --log flag to display debug output in the terminal instead of opening the xsbug app:

xs-dev run --log

This will still open the “mcsim” simulator app when running locally.

Set mc/config arguments

Use the --config flag to provide config arguments to the mc/config module. This mechanism is often used to configure Wi-Fi credentials when running on a device:

xs-dev run --example network/http/httpgetjson --device esp32 --config.ssid=mySSID --config.password="a secret"

Building projects for release

Within a project directory, the build command takes the same flags as the run command to invoke mcconfig to generate the make file based on the manifest.json followed by only building the project for the target device:

xs-dev build --device esp32

The build --mode can be set to production for the optimized release code or development for the debug-enabled release code. This will default to the NODE_ENV environment variable or development if that variable is not set.

xs-dev build --mode production --device esp32

The output directory can also be set using the --output flag, overriding the default path of $MODDABLE/build, where $MODDABLE is the location of the Moddable tooling repo on your local filesystem.

xs-dev build --output ./dist --device esp32

If you want to immediately deploy the release build, use the --deploy flag:

xs-dev build --deploy --device esp32