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Manage modules from Moddable

The Moddable SDK ships with many first-party modules to support various features, peripherals, sensors, etc. The include command will update the project manifest.json with the selected module:

xs-dev include network/wifi

Or select from available modules:

xs-dev include
xs-dev include files

Select a device

When the --device flag is present, the module is added to the platforms section of the manifest.json for the specified device. When device is not provided, the module is added to the global manifest section to be used for all devices. For example, the following adds the module for use on esp32 devices only:

xs-dev include files/flash --device esp32

Remove a module

Updates the manifest.json to remove the module.

xs-dev remove network/wifi

Or remove all modules that contain a string. This removes all modules that contain "wifi".

xs-dev remove wifi

The --device flag works for the remove command as well:

xs-dev remove network/mqtt --device esp32