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Display the current environment setup information

The doctor command can help determine what the current developer environment has available to support the various Moddable device targets and tooling.

xs-dev doctor

This should output something like this:

xs-dev environment info:
  CLI Version                0.19.3
  OS                         Darwin
  Arch                       arm64
  NodeJS Version             v16.14.0 (/path/to/node)
  Python Version             3.10.9 (/path/to/python)
  Moddable SDK Version       3.5.0 (/path/to/moddable)
  Supported target devices   mac, esp32, esp8266, pico
  ESP32 IDF Directory        /path/to/esp32/esp-idf
  ESP8266 Base Directory     /path/to/esp
  Pico SDK Directory         /path/to/pico/pico-sdk

If this is related to an error when using the CLI, please create an issue at "" with the above info.


xs-dev dr


xs-dev info